q. Can you send me the recipe for one of the burgers you ate at a specific restaurant?
a. Sorry, I am not employed by or associated with any of the restaurants I review, so I do not know what recipes they use, nor do I know if they are willing to provide their recipes to customers. I do list contact information for each restaurant at the bottom of the review, so feel free to contact them yourself.

q. are you a vegetarian or vegan?
a. I am a vegetarian. Although I usually try to avoid dairy products for health reasons, I still eat eggs.

q. can you recommend a good veggie burger in [specific borough or neighborhood]?
a. I try to tag each restaurant review with the borough and neighborhood that the restaurant is located in, so please refer to the tags in the sidebar, or see them all sorted by category here.

q. I want to try a store-bought burger that you reviewed, where can I find it for sale in my local area?
a. Unfortunately, I do not have insider information as to manufacturing and distribution processes of veggie burger companies - most of the time I have never even spoken to anyone from these companies.   I try to post links to company websites whenever possible, and those websites should have contact information that will connect you to someone who can answer your question.

q. I work for a company/restaurant that makes veggie burgers - can I send you a sample or invite you to our restaurant to review our burger for your website?
a. I'm always interested in trying new burgers! Please email me - yumveggieburger@gmail.com

q. Do the restaurants you go to know that you are reviewing them?
a.  Usually they do not.  I like to be stealthy (although photographing my lunch can be a bit of a giveaway).  On rare occasions, if I know someone who works there or I strike up a friendly conversation with a bartender or waiter I might mention it.  If the burger was exceptionally good, sometimes I'll let them know how happy I was after my meal, and tell them I will be posting a review soon.

q. are you 100% certain that the burgers that you tag as "vegan" are really, truly 100% vegan?
a. I am listing this information as it is given to me by the restaurant employees. If I have any reason to doubt something they say, I will openly note that in my reviews. However, I always encourage asking the restaurant again yourself before placing an order, as ingredients used in the burger, or cooking method, type of bun used, etc. may have changed since the time at which I reviewed the burger anyway. When I am doing these reviews, I do not personally go into the kitchen to see if the burger is cooked on a separate grill, or to make sure no one is misinformed about the ingredients. So if that is important to you, please be sure to do your own investigation - and please let me know if you find out something different than what I was told!

q. I want to let you know that one of the burgers you reviewed contains animal ingredients, thus making it not really vegetarian.
a. please share this information with me (including your source) and I will be happy to update the review/post a warning - as I've said before, most of the time I have to trust the word of restaurant employees regarding the ingredients of the burger I am eating, and they may be misinformed, or the restaurant could have changed the recipe in the time since I originally reviewed it.

q. where did the name "YumVeggieBurger" come from?
a. my amazing friend Jeremy.