Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not entirely burger-related

Remember my review of the terrible burger at Bridgeview Café? The one that I said gave veggie burgers a bad name?

Biking down Vernon Boulevard this morning, I passed this restaurant and noticed that all the signage was gone and the inside looked dark and empty. Their website simply states
Goodbye, crappy veggie burger!


Bianca, from the awesome blog Vegan Crunk, was kind enough to give me the Most Versatile Blogger Award yesterday - thanks so much, Bianca!

The rules for this award are that I have to share seven things you "may not know about me", and then pass the award on to five other deserving bloggers.
Whenever people tag me in things like this on facebook, I just ignore them. But I've found the blogging community to be much more fun and friendly and something about it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. And this award especially does that.

So! Seven things you may not know about me... unless you're one of the people who knew me before I started this blog... but everyone else who reads it probably doesn't know these things:

1. I'm pretty geeky. I quote The Lord of the Rings and wear Battlestar Galactica t-shirts. I want to dress up as River from Firefly for Halloween this year if I have time to make a costume.
2. Dan Savage is my idol.
3. Until about a month ago, I was under the impression that brussels sprouts were gross. I had never actually tasted them. I finally tried them, and realized what I'd stupidly been missing out on for years.
4. I'm either hardcore or annoying about recycling, depending on your perspective (my roommates would probably say annoying)
5. I've been a vegetarian for years, but I just recently (in the past year) started trying to eat as little dairy as possible for health reasons, which has lead to the discovery of some amazing vegan recipes (like my favorite comfort food - macaroni and cheese!)
6. I refuse to drink beer. I love hard cider though.
7. I mentioned in a previous post that I quit my old job, but I didn't say what I am doing now... I worked as an art department assistant on a feature film last month, and I'm working on another film now that's just about to start shooting, so that's why I haven't been online too much lately. I love it so much I can't even begin to describe it, even though I am totally a broke (but not quite starving!) artist now.

And now I will pass this award on, to five other bloggers who I love:

1. Hour of Gold - Carlea writes amazing fiction, posts the coolest/weirdest links, and steadfastidly updates every single day, which I am always rather in awe/jealous of. Also, she's the one who inspired me to start baking my own bread.
2. The Foodista - because she has kept me up-to-date on the newest and best restaurants since well before I started reviewing veggie burgers, and she also lives in Astoria!
3. The Luxury Yacht Review - although it has nothing whatsoever to do with yachts, or reviews of yachts, Derek's blog is a great collection of reviews of film, music, literature, and beer.
4. Singer Eats - although I have been so busy with film shoots that I still have not had time to visit the co-op that Dianne posted such a great description of. On my next day off, I keep saying... whenever that happens! In the meantime, though, I love her reviews of NYC restaurants (many of which I can't wait to go try!)
5. A Soy Bean - Abigail's posts are so detailed and descriptive and always make me hungry.

check them out, they are definitely worth reading!


  1. Thanks Ali - I'm so honored.

    *wink* the Foodista!

  2. Thanks, girl! I can let you know the best times to stop by the co-op in terms of deliveries and such if you're interested :-D

  3. Congratulations on your Award Ali.

    So good to learn more about you. Can't believe you decided not to like sprouts without even trying them :) Good though to read your working. Blogging and going on-line can wait.

    Also thanks for introducing me to these new bloggers. I am off to have a nosy.

  4. Dianne - that would be awesome! My schedule is so erratic lately, but maybe one of my rare days off will coincide with a good co-op time :)

    mangocheeks - I was SUCH a picky eater as a kid! I think I just continued to avoid certain things out of force of habit, rather than any kind of logic. haha.

  5. Hard cider will always remind me of freshman year..a girl drank one cider and was WILDIN out, like.she was being nuts. It was so funny!

  6. Thanks again, Ali; take a look: