Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 was the best year yet - I jumped off a waterfall, jumped out of an airplane, quit the office job I hated, and worked on some amazing film shoots.

And somewhere in the midst of all that, I started this blog.

Half a year later, I am still loving it - and I plan to keep posting as many reviews as possible in 2011 (there are SO many veggie burgers in NYC that I have not tried yet! Not to mention other cities, if I ever have the time/money to travel outside of the five boroughs...)

To recap, the best and worst veggie burgers of 2010:

Hillstone (or as I still prefer to call it, Houston's)
Starting this blog gave me the perfect excuse to treat myself to this delicacy again - and even after all the new burgers I've tried this year, it still remains #1.

But the best of all the burgers I tried for the first time this year would be from the new bakery that opened near my apartment:
Astor Bake Shop

and on the other end of the spectrum...

Bridge View Cafe
So bad that the restaurant closed just a few months after I wrote this review. Well, I doubt it was just because of the terrible veggie burger... but anyway, good riddance!

Onto better things...
Which burgers that I haven't reviewed yet should be among the first that I try in 2011??

Hope everyone has a very Happy New Year! :)


  1. I think you should try the veggie burger at Maxwell's in Hoboken. Definitely not the city, but I hear it's very good from a reputable source.

  2. I'd love to review a Hoboken burger! Maybe we should plan a night with Sam in Hoboken for such a cause... :)

  3. As a vegan that works at Hillstone on Park Ave, I agree that one of THE BEST veggie burgers is served there. I have had my share of veggie burgers and I ALWAYS recommend the veggie burger. The patty is freshly made with brown rice, black beans, beets, dried plums, peppers, onions. Cheers.

  4. Great idea for a post & I wish that Houston's burger was vegan...