Wednesday, January 19, 2011

B.A.D. ("Breakfast All Day") Burger


My friend and I came here for breakfast/end-of-the-night-food at 4:00am after ending a very fun Saturday night at The Whiskey Brooklyn. I had just read about B.A.D. in Time Out New York - A 24-hour breakfast place? Sounded good to me (yes, it’s not unlike a diner, but those get boring after awhile, and never have good veggie burgers!)

Michelle happily ordered the "lumberjack” pancakes with vegan sausage. But even though a lot of the menu’s offerings sounded delicious, I was excited to try a new veggie burger. There are actually three veggie burgers to choose from on the menu: black bean, portobello, or beet. I love beet-based burgers, so I chose the later option, with guacamole and soy jack cheese.


The burger arrived sans soy cheese – our waiter apologized, saying they were out of it. It’s a rather new restaurant, so perhaps they initially underestimated how much demand there would be for their vegan alternatives, since they were out of the soy sausage for Michelle’s pancakes too, and gave her a soy hotdog instead.


Since the waiter told me the beet burger was 100% vegan, I inquired about the bun as well – he told me normally they do have a vegan bun, but they were out of it that day (again!). Since I’m not actually vegan myself, I ate the bun anyway – a soft, slightly sweet roll flavored with onion and poppyseeds. Hopefully they’ll get their vegan products back in stock soon, but I’d recommend asking specifically for the vegan bun when ordering the burgers, as it is not mentioned on the menu.


The burger itself was delicious – the beets were juicy and flavorful, mixed with other things that I was honestly too hungry (and tired after a long night) to properly identify. It was more like a sloppy joe made of beets than an actual burger – I can’t really call it a “patty” since it did not hold its shape, but was more like a pile of chopped beets scooped onto the bun, which begs the question... does it really qualify as a burger, then? The guacamole on top of it was equally tasty, and I didn’t really miss the soy cheese I had tried to order, although I’m sure it would have added a nice layer of flavor.

Definitely the best veggie burger that’s available 24-hours a day though! I’ll have to come back to try the black bean one too. It certainly beats going to a diner at the end of a long night.

In the end, when we got our bill, they only charged us for the burger (I guess since Michelle didn’t get the soy sausage she had been looking forward to all evening with her pancakes), and offered complementary cups of coffee as an apology for the long wait for our food (which didn’t really seem that long to me, but it was a very nice gesture). Like I said, before, I think since it’s still a newish place they are working out a few kinks and hopefully the service will be running smoothly and they will have all their vegan products in stock the next time I find myself craving breakfast after a night out in Williamsburg!


Cost: $8
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Burger patty: 3      Bun: 4      Toppings: 3

B.A.D. Burger/Breakfast All Day
131 Grand Street
between Berry St & Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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