Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Veggie Burgers in the news

A blog-reader emailed me a link to yesterday's New York Times article on veggie burgers:
Veggie Burgers So Good, The Only Thing Missing Is Meat
(thanks, Janak!)

I'm glad to see veggie burgers getting some good press! This article highlights my favorite veggie burger, the one from Hillstone's, as well as a couple other NYC burgers such as Five Napkin and Westville. That covers two of my top three favorite veggie burgers, but don't forget the hidden gem (a.k.a. not in Manhattan) that doesn't get as much press... the amazing black bean burger at Astor Bake Shop!

Two other related New York Times articles:
Come Back Veggie Burger, All Is Forgiven
Veggie Burgers Of Note Around Manhattan
(this list contains some I have been waiting to try, gotta get on that!)

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