Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sparrow's veggie burger is still awesome

A week ago, some friends and I went to Sparrow for a delicious brunch. I was tempted by the french toast and several of the egg entrees, but Michelle said she was going to order the veggie burger, and I remembered how amazingly tasty it was - so I had to order it too.

Yup, still as awesome as I remembered it!

And how lucky am I to live just a couple blocks away from a place with such great food (and such great drinks!)

And how strange to see, only a week later, its windows being boarded up for protection just before Hurricane Irene's arrival...

Luckily, the hurricane didn't cause too much damage to my neighborhood - and my friends and I weathered it just fine by throwing a big fun party with games and movies and any snacks the grocery stores hadn't sold out of yet (I have never seen such a pitiful selection of chips left in any grocery store! Either everyone else was using the storm as an excuse for a party too, or people really think that potato chips are a good emergency provision!)

Astoria Park the day after Irene

But, everything is back to normal now. I'm back at work, and as far as I know, all my favorite veggie burger haunts are open for business as usual :)

Read my original review of Sparrow Tavern HERE.


  1. Just saw a segment on Sparrow on Diners, Drive-In's and Dives. That veggie burger looks awesome, and I believe vegan (without the sauce). Great blog!
    The Vegan Man Cave

  2. Are you suggesting potato chips AREN'T a good emergency provision? If so, I DISAGREE! Glad you weathered the storm ok.

  3. I saw the Veggie burger on the show too! Amazing! Did anyone get the recipe?

  4. I saw the Veggie burger on the show too! Amazing! Did anyone get the recipe?

  5. Hi, can you tell me the consistency of this burger? Was it firm or mushy?

    I attempted to make these burgers based on what I saw on the show - but mine came out mushy and almost - falling apart. I couldn't find panko in my pantry so I had to substitute it with regular bread crumbs. So far I like the taste!

    Thanks for your feedback!

  6. I still haven't seen the show! I really want to. Wish it was on hulu or something...

    axokuaci, I remember the burger being crispy on the outside but yes a bit mushy on the inside. Serving it in the pita holds helps hold it together because it does tend to fall apart.

  7. Thank you Ali! I wasn't sure if I did something wrong - I plan on making a second batch and I have panko now :)
    Oh, and you can watch the episode on this youtube link - it's not crisp clear though...

    Thanks again Ali! :)