Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Queens Restaurant Week

Did you know that it's Queens Restaurant Week? (well now you do)

And one of my all-time favorite veggie burgers is a part of it - Astor Bake Shop has a special restaurant week menu featuring their orgasmically-delicious lentil burger.


The $25 prefix menu for a dinner for two (how can you beat that??) gives you an appetizer (soup or salad), a burger, and dessert (and trust me, their desserts are amazing!). You have the option of the beef burger or the lentil burger, so it could be the perfect date night dinner for a vegetarian dating a meat eater ;)
Click here to view their events page and download the full restaurant week menu.

I'm definitely going to be heading there for dinner one night before restaurant week is over!

check out the review I wrote last year of Astor Bake Shop HERE.

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