Friday, February 7, 2014

Veggie Burger Recommendations in Rhode Island?

It looks like I'll be going up to Rhode Island for a weekend or two this month - to the city of Providence, specifically. If anyone has any recommendations for great veggie burgers or other vegetarian/vegan food in that area, let me know!



  1. Yes. Not in Providence but we visited RI after Hurricane Sandy rather than enduring 11 days without power in NJ. We found a place in Narragansett called Crazy Burger. I loved this place. Food was not the best I've ever had but they made up for it with even offering vegan selections and friendly staff:!food/c1jo3

    1. Thanks! I'm probably taking the bus up to Providence instead of driving, so most likely won't have a chance to try other locations in the state, but will bookmark this one for future reference!