Monday, March 17, 2014

The Butcher's Daughter

I’ve eaten breakfast at The Butcher’s Daughter a few times (their vegan bagel and schmear is amazing!), so I was excited to try the veggie burger on their dinner menu.


There’s some scaffolding up around the building right now, so I had trouble getting a decent photo of the storefront…


But the inside is still beautiful:


Although my expectations were high for this veggie burger, the vegan “Butcher’s Burger” did not disappoint. At $16, it is quite a splurge – but it was worth it.


The toasted bun was light and sweet, with a flakey pastry-like top and a soft inside. My favorite kind of bun!

The patty was hearty and earthy, well-flavored with herbs and spices. Not so heavy on the beans (although it is described as a “vegetable black bean burger”), the grains stood out more. It reminded me of vegan sausage, in a way (and I love almost all vegan sausages, so that’s a compliment). It could have been a bit dry if eaten on its own, but not with the delicious toppings that came with it...


...because those toppings were amazing: The cashew cheese (look at those huge slices of it under the patty!) had a mild but intriguing flavor (probably would not taste very cheese-like to someone who has not eaten vegan cheese before, but I enjoyed it). The lettuce and onion were crisp and fresh, the pickles and mayo gave the burger a nice spicy kick, and the “special sauce” was tomatoey and sweet. Really a perfect blend of flavors.

I was so enamored with this burger that I almost neglected the roasted potato wedges that came with it – but they were scrumptious too! Especially with the harissa mayo dipping sauce. YUM.

Definitely a five-star burger!

Cost: $16
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Burger patty: 4       Bun: 5      Toppings: 5

Note: “The Butcher’s Burger” is only on the dinner menu, not the brunch or breakfast menu.

The Butcher’s Daughter
19 Kenmare St
on the corner of Kenmare & Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012

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  1. Whoa; this is on my must try list now! I love that kind of bun too and I swear I haven't had it since becoming vegan. So exciting! Thanks.

    1. Abby, you should definitely give them a try! Might need to do two trips though - one for breakfast and one for dinner, both menus are so good! :)

  2. This sounds really awesome, Ali. I can't wait to go try it! Jon's always looking for a good veggie burger and I'm keeping vegetarian for Lent right now. Do you know if it has mushrooms in it?

    1. Hi Victoria! Thanks for reading - I don't know for sure about the mushrooms, if it's an allergy concern I would call and ask first. But I am a mushroom hater about 95% of the time, and I did not taste or notice any mushroom bits in this burger.

    2. Got it. I actually love mushrooms. Only asking because Jon can't stand them. ;)

    3. haha I can't either (once in awhile I can tolerate pieces of them mixed in with enough other things that they don't stand out, but that's it).

  3. I love this place! I've been several times in just the past few weeks, but always breakfast or lunch (why is their avocado toast sooo much better than mine?!? And i had a cashew milk latte!) but obviously i will have to go for dinner now....

    1. the avocado toast is THE BEST, isn't it?? :)

  4. Love your blog, Ali! Definitely going here. -Kendall