Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Best Thing I Ate This Month That Wasn't A Veggie Burger...

Were these vegan cheeses from the new Dr. Cow VEGAN CHEESE SHOP in Brooklyn
(This is why I love NYC - where else would you find an entire shop devoted to selling vegan cheese???)


I'd tried one or two of these cheeses before, purchased at a natural foods store in the city - but this was my first time visiting the shop, which I had been dying to do since I heard about it earlier this month. It was so exciting to see the case full of all these nut-based cheeses! Since I decided a couple years ago to try avoiding dairy for health reasons, I have missed cheese more than anything else. Non-dairy ice cream is easy to find these days, but a whole spread of different cheeses like this is not... The shop also had some other snacks and desserts for sale, but I was focused on the cheeses.

They're a bit pricey, but I picked two small chunks to take home and enjoy: cashew-tomato, and smoked-tea-cashew. I tried samples of a couple others in the store, including one with blue-algae which was intriguing.


The cashew-tomato was smooth, like a mild cheddar, while the smoked-tea was a stronger, sharper flavor. I loved them both - plain or on crackers. The only problem was they disappeared too quickly, so I will have to save up my money to go back for more...

Dr. Cow
93 South 6th street
Brooklyn, NY 11249


  1. I LOVE Dr. Cow, but haven't made it to the shop yet; thanks for the insight into the shop. While I've been hearing a lot about it, I've yet to get a glimpse inside and I had no idea there were additional cheese flavors to be had- so exciting.

    A friend whose opinion and taste buds I highly respect has recommended The Non-Dairy Formula cookbook for cheese recipes, in case you're interested.

    1. There are SO many flavors! you will love it!
      And thanks for the cookbook recommendation - I have tried a couple homemade cheeses so far, with mixed results. If Dr. Cow was not so expensive I would just buy a whole cheese platter there every week!