Friday, August 20, 2010


This time, I ventured north of Williamsburg to have dinner in Greenpoint with my friend Derek, author of The Luxury Yacht Review.

I had heard that Enid’s did a good house-made veggie burger, so I was excited to try it out.
And our waitress looked exactly like Kaylee from Firefly.

I must apologize though – I’ve been really good about remembering to throw my camera in my purse every time I leave the apartment, just in case I find a veggie burger when I least expect to. And I had not forgotten my camera on this occasion – I’d just forgotten the memory card which I had taken out earlier that day to upload photos from. Oy!
So the photos in this review are from my cellphone, which is one of the least fancy cellphones you can buy... Looking at them makes me realize how I take macro focus for granted on a real camera.

crappy cellphone photo

The coolest thing about Enid’s menu is that they indicate with asterisks which items are vegetarian, and which are “vegan, or can be made so upon request”. I thought this was awesome, and more restaurants should do it. The burger is one such “upon request” item. Since I’m not a vegan myself though, I ordered it with the non-vegan dijon mayo. You also get to choose from a whole list of sides to go with your burger - so instead of fries, I opted for a roasted red pepper potato salad.

even crappier cellphone photo

I think this is the spiciest veggie patty I have tasted yet – not spicy like burn-your-throat-out/hot-foods-eating-contest spicy, but deliciously spicy. It was very unique. Although I love cooking, I’m not even slightly an expert on spices, so I cannot tell you which ones I actually tasted – but it reminded me of good Indian food. The vegetable base of the patty consisted of a mash of things in which I could identify carrots, peas, and sunflower seeds. It was very soft – not crispy or chewy, more mushy.

The bun was delightful too – soft and sweet like a croissant (I’m realizing that croissant-like buns and hearty whole-grain buns are my top two favorites), but sprinkled with sesame seeds. The toppings were good (crispy lettuce, ripe tomatoes) but nothing special. I suppose they didn’t need to be though, with the patty as flavorful as it was.

Cost: $11
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Burger patty: 4      Bun: 5      Toppings: 3

560 Manhattan Avenue
between Driggs & Nassau Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

YumVeggieBurger review #18

EDITED TO ADD: I went back to Enid's and ordered their veggie burger as a trio of sliders. That's right, veggie SLIDERS! Read my update HERE.


  1. I have been researching for a great veggie burger for a home cook for my upcoming cookbook and found your site! Very Cool!

  2. thanks! Let me know when you perfect your recipe - I'd love to test it out :)

  3. I wish more places paid as much attention to kosher or halal status as they do to vegan and vegetarian. That's actually one of Astoria's few flaws: no kosher eating.