Monday, August 9, 2010

Not A Burger

Yesterday I read that New York Times Article regarding the question of whether vegans and vegetarians should feel "obligated" to serve meat at their wedding receptions, and subsequent commentary on it at Jezebel.

And I can't help but think... what was the point of this article? It seems like it's just drama for the sake of drama. Are people really up in arms over this "controversial" issue enough to merit news headlines?

If I were attending the marriage of two people who I knew to be vegans, I'd expect the menu to be vegan, and I'd actually be shocked and confused if it was not. However, as someone who has dated a lot of meat-eaters, I know that if I were to marry an omnivore I'd compromise on a reception menu that had both meat and vegetarian/vegan options - afterall, if I wouldn't expect my boyfriend to stop eating meat once we were married, why should I demand that he not eat it at our actual wedding itself?

I don't see much to argue over here... Just more sensationalization of vegetarian/vegan lifestyles where there really is no need for it. I have thrown vegetarian dinner parties at which omnivores were present, and they all enjoyed the food I prepared for them even though there was no meat in it. I don't think I know any meat-eaters who are so carnivorous that they would really be bothered by ONE meatless meal on ONE special occasion... especially if the food was really good, as (surprise!) a lot of vegetarian/vegan food certainly can be!

Anyone else think it's kind of absurd that this article was even published?


  1. I would...except it was published in the fashion section, which I cannot take seriously at any point in time.

  2. I was beyond flabbergasted at that insane article and all of the comments I have read thus far. If I was going to a kosher wedding, I wouldn't expect pork so I definitely wouldn't expect meat at a vegan wedding. I think anyone who is so up in arms over attending a meatless wedding must really have a lot of other prejudices as well.

  3. that's a perfect analogy, Liz!

    yeah, the people who would be that upset about vegetarian food at a wedding are probably people who would make assholes of themselves at any wedding regardless of the menu (thus, the people you wouldn't want to invite to begin with!)

  4. i didn't see the article, but this reminded me of my friends' wedding. neither of them are vegetarians, but they had their reception at a vegan restaurant because they liked the place. i was probably one of the only vegetarians there, but i didn't hear anyone complaining.