Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I had jogged past this place a few times during my temporary stay in Williamsburg last summer, and thought it looked terribly cute. So I looked it up online, and lo and behold! Not only did it still sound as cute as it had looked, but it served a house-made veggie burger as well! (not vegan, though)


So I came back one night for dinner to try it. The place was just as cozy inside as it had appeared from the outside. A group of people who obviously knew the bartender were all seated around the bar having a jovial evening. After he took my order, the bartender even gave me a leftover cookie since it was the end of the day and they were going to be throwing out all the unsold pastries. He told me they did all their baking downstairs in the basement – and the bun that my house-made black bean burger would be served on was homemade too!

Let me preface this by saying that black bean burgers are the reason that I first started thinking of veggie burgers as really good food, and realized they could be more than the nightmarish generic frozen patties. My college cafeteria cooked a pretty decent black bean burger, and since then I have found some frozen ones I enjoyed also (which I will be sure to review at a later date!)

But this is by far the best black bean burger I have ever had. Not the best burger overall, but if there were a category for black bean burgers alone, this would take top honors!


The patty was thick and moist and flavorful – it held together well, too, which was most impressive given its size and consistency. I think there were some other vegetables ground up in it with the beans too, but the beans were definitely the dominant flavor.


It was topped with lettuce, tomato, pickled vegetables and garlic dill aoli.
And the bun was delicious – true to what the bartender had said, it definitely tasted like it was made in a bakery! Sweet and light and fluffy – like a pastry.

Cost: $8
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Burger patty: 4      Bun: 5      Toppings: 4

352 Bedford Ave
between S 4th Street and S 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

YumVeggieBurger review #48

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