Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Virginia is for lovers... of veggie burgers?


I'll be heading down south soon to celebrate an old friend's 25th birthday.
Does anyone have any recommendations for veggie burgers to try in Richmond, Virginia while I'm there?


  1. Unfortunately it looks like no veggie burgers on the current menu, but Cafe Ipanema is an awesome vegetarian restaurant in Richmond. http://www.ipanemaveg.com/menu.html

  2. Thanks Lauren, I definitely would get sick of veggie burgers if I ate them for every meal, so recommendations for other vegetarian food are perfect :)

  3. Oh and I've heard good things about CousCous for veg options.

    There's also the Black Sheep, which isn't a vegetarian restaurant. It's known for huge megasandwiches and they have something like a tofu banh mi.

    Cafe Gutenberg is another veg restaurant in Richmond. I wasn't crazy about it, but I had dinner there and I hear brunch is much better.