Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quorn Vegan Burger

The nice people at Quorn recently contacted me and asked if they could send me a sample of their Vegan Burgers. Well, of course I said yes please!


Have you ever gotten veggie burgers delivered to you by FedEx before? It’s quite exciting. They came in this big box – and inside the box was a styrofoam cooler, and inside the cooler, surrounded by ice packs, was the box of veggie burgers.

Lynx was very excited by this delivery, too.


This was my first time trying any Quorn products – although I’ve heard people recommending them before. These patties at first looked more chicken-like than burger-like (they were a lighter coloring than I had expected), but once I actually tasted them, I decided they were definitely more burger-like. They are both soy-free and vegan, made with "mycoprotein" (which is fungi - but don't worry, even an avid mushroom-hater like me can enjoy these!)



I fried them in a pan, with a little olive oil. They fried up to a nice crisp on the outside, but were still deliciously moist on the inside. If you are not a fan of faux-meat textures, these may not be for you – although I think they are one of the best faux-meat products I have tried. There was a unique flavor to them that I could not quite place, but it said “protein” to me, haha. It was a nice flavor – you could easily enjoy these on their own without the bun, if you desired (I later tried one on its own for comparison, and quite enjoyed it).


But for this first tasting, I went with the classic toppings: mayo, fresh spinach, and tomato (on a multigrain bun, of course). Yummy.


The next week, I finally fired up my barbecue grill (I am so happy it finally feels like Summer here in New York!) and tried one of the patties on the grill. Delicious! The smokey grilled flavor really enhanced the taste. And I didn’t have any trouble with the patty sticking to the grill either (that’s a common problem with veggie burgers, but not this one!). I just took it out of the freezer and put it on the hot grill. No oil or anything. Don’t leave it on for too long, because it does get a little drier inside after being grilled, but it got nice grill marks on the outside and heated through very quickly.


Thanks, Quorn!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Quorn Vegan Burgers

Price: As previously stated, I received a complimentary sample of these from Quorn, who contacted me through this blog. I checked my local natural foods store, and saw that they sell them at $5.79 for a box of 4 patties.

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  1. Nice review!! These vegan burgers are really good, but are hard to find in the U.S. My local Sprouts market was selling them until they discontinued them since not enough people were buying them :-( Do you know what stores are actually selling them?

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I do not work for Quorn so I have no way of knowing what stores sell them. I would advise you to look on Quorn's website for information about that, or for contact information to write to the company and ask.