Monday, June 6, 2011


First Canadian burger review!

I first heard about Lick’s supposedly-amazing veggie burger over a year ago – so I was really excited to finally have a chance to taste it when we arrived in Toronoto on the second day of our roadtrip.


It looks like just your average fast food burger place, but I had heard from several sources that their vegan nature burger was surprisingly one of the best veggie burgers in the world. I placed my order and paid at the cash register, and then waiting in line to receive my food.


The array of burger toppings was my first clue that Lick’s is not just any old fast food place – after you order your patty, you get to choose whatever toppings you want from a selection that included mango chutney and zucchini relish (wow!).

That’s my burger – all wrapped up and ready to go!

Once I opened up the foil wrapper, my first impression of the burger was that it smelled absolutely delicious! I snapped some photos while I waited for my friends to receive their orders, not wanting to start eating without them, and the smell was just taunting me the whole time as I waited impatiently to taste it!


The toppings I had picked were lettuce, tomato, zucchini relish (how could I resist?), and hot peppers (which turned out to be VERY spicy!).


posing for a photo with my burger before the first bite…

The verdict? Awesome!

It’s hard for a veggie burger to live up to my very high expectations, especially one I have been waiting months (let alone a year) to try – but Lick’s managed to fully impress me! This burger was absolutely scrumptious. Definitely worthy of 5 stars.


The patty is very dark, even more meatier-looking than most imitation-meat patties I have had before. But it doesn’t taste like it’s trying to be meaty – it has a much “earthier” flavor (I’ve thought about how to describe it, and that’s really the only word that fits). It’s soy-based, but much more flavorful than most soy-based patties, and the whole flavor is much more complex. "Nature burger" really is the right name for it.

The toppings were delicious, as I had predicted they would be when I chose them (especially the zucchini relish, yum!), and the toasted whole wheat bun was great. The whole thing held together very well, the patty did not fall apart at all. It was a very satisfying and filling meal – I wished I could have eaten a second one, just because I have no idea when I will have a chance to return to Toronto to eat another burger at Lick’s… but without a doubt, if/when I do make it back to this city, another stop at Lick’s will be mandatory (and it's the most inexpensive 5-star burger I have reviewed at a restaurant so far!).

Even meat-eating Felipe was blown away by how good this veggie burger tasted!

Cost: $5.49 [Canadian]
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Burger patty: 5      Bun: 4      Toppings: 5

Lick’s Homeburgers
720 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON, Canada
several other locations in and around Toronto – check website for addresses

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  1. Canadians do it best!

  2. Zucchini relish sounds amazing! I would have totally paired the hot peppers with the mango chutney :)

  3. Licks are all over the place in Canada. Best part is, if you can't get to one they sell them in all grocery stores. It is 6-7 dollars for a pack of 4, but the best BEST part is on the box there is a coupon for a free licks burger next time you come to the restaurant. How much better can you get?

  4. Wow, I need to go back and buy several boxes to bring home to New York!

  5. Lick's are a strictly Ontario only chain, but their veggie burger--much to my surprise--are available in 7-11 stores all over the place (I found a box in Regina, SK).

  6. I wish I could find these in Alberta. I've had them many times in Ontario. The restaurants are a little inconsistent but when they are great they are really great. I think they are even better than beef burgers (yes from an Albertan). Too bad we can't get them out here.

  7. I found mine in Canmore Safeway yesterday. I mistakenly bought the beef package (I am transitioning away from beef) and it was delicious. My next trip back I will seek out the vegey. Also their web has a list of stores that carry them. Good luck.