Friday, June 10, 2011

To tweet or not to tweet?

Question for other bloggers:
Do you have a twitter feed or a facebook fan page for your blog?

Are they actually fun/useful?
I've had a few people ask if I have these things, but I've never quite seen the point of them...

I've resisted twitter for so long, but I'll be honest, now that I have an iPhone (which I am in total LOVE with!) I can start to imagine myself using twitter... but would anyone other than me actually be amused by my "omg, I'm in Canada and I'm about to eat this veggie burger I've been lusting after for a year now!" tweets? haha



  1. I don't have a facebook page, but I do have twitter and I get a (tiny) bit of traffic from it when I do "new post" tweets. You'll be surprised how many people would be interested in tweets and pics from your phone of veggie burgers you're about to eat (and whatever else you want to tweet about)

  2. I do post links to my blog on my personal Twitter page, but I don't get much traffic from there. I also post links to my blog from my personal Facebook page, but be forewarned that these folks will then generally comment on FB & not on your blog!

  3. it's less about driving traffic than making/building (virtual) connections with fellow bloggers.

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    I'm not so much concerned about getting new traffic through twitter (since I don't have ads on my blog and don't make any money from it anyway, I feel like it's more for fun and a public service - although of course I do want to spread the word to anyone who could benefit from it), but I'm more curious as to whether people find that their readers enjoy their twitter feeds as as supplement to the blog, or whether it's redundant and people have no interest in it.

    I think I might give twitter a try for a bit and see how it works though! :)