Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wall Street Burgers food truck

I must be a magnet for veggie burgers, I swear… or maybe my decision to join twitter has bought about some good luck… Because I was just walking home from the library (because I'm a book nerd) last night when I saw a new bright reddish-orange food truck parked on the side of the street.

“A new food truck?” I thought, “In Astoria? How cool! Hmm, burgers… I bet they don’t have a veggie burger though…”
But, they did!


Frankie, the guy working in the truck, was very friendly and told me that Wall Street Burgers had just started serving food, and that they are normally in Manhattan during the day, but come back to Astoria in the evenings – and have plans to be here by the Ditmars train station quite often.

It started raining after I placed my order, so once the burger was ready I tucked it safely into my bag and hurried home – so the subsequent photos were all taken at my dining table, but the burger was still warm and fresh, I promise!

It came in a little paper tray – they covered it with foil [not pictured] so I could safely transport it home in the rain though!

On a plate now, because I like to pretend I am civilized sometimes.

Wall Street Burgers does not make their own veggie patties (I asked), but Frankie told me they are definitely vegan – although he said he would have to check on whether the bun was vegan or not. The patty was soft and juicy – packed full of veggies like peas, carrots, peppers, potatoes, and soy beans. It had a slightly spicy flavor to it, and I think it was a type of pre-made patty I have had before (it had that familiar taste to it). Not so bad, as far as pre-made patties go. Nothing beats homemade, but the excitement of getting a veggie burger from a food truck definitely enhanced the flavor for me...


The toppings you can get for free are lettuce, tomato, onion, and this tangy mayo-ketchup (definitely not vegan) dressing that Wall Street Burgers mixes themselves. Cheese is optional, for an additional dollar (right now they only have American, but Frankie said they are hoping to include more types of cheese soon). The potato roll that it was served on was soft and fresh. It’s been awhile since I had a burger on a potato roll, but they never disappoint. I’ve had potato rolls before which were vegan, so hopefully the food truck will check on the status of these and inform their customers appropriately.


It’s quite exciting to see a new food truck already including a vegetarian option. There are a lot of food trucks in this city that serve burgers, but few of them include veggie burgers. And this is the first one that I’ve spotted in Astoria.

Cost: $6
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆
Burger patty: 2      Bun: 3      Toppings: 3

Wall Street Burgers
spotted on the corner of Ditmars Blvd and 31st Street in Astoria, Queens
Parking in Manhattan and Astoria so far, check their twitter feed for current location

Note: the menu on their website does not list the veggie burger – but Frankie said that for now at least they are trying to offer it every day, hopefully making it part of the permanent menu!

YumVeggieBurger review #62

Do you know of any other food trucks in NYC that serve veggie burgers?
I reviewed GO Burger last summer, as well as Green Truck (but the later was only here from LA temporarily).


  1. yummy, I never seem to catch food trucks. I don't always mind a pre-made patty, somehow even though it's pre-made, it tastes better when someone else is making it

  2. Great to have another food truck option in Astoria and for those times you want a veggie burger, but I'm hoping they at least make their own meat patties from scratch, otherwise it might as well be a food cart. Thanks for the scoop!

  3. This burger is the worst! If I walked into any random diner I would get a MUCH better burger. The meat is so dry, so thin. Tasteless, well, it tastes rubbery and like dry paper to me....

    Worst part was fries. The truck was downstairs at my office building on 23rd st. and Park Ave. I bought all the food upstairs right away and as soon as I opened the fries pack, I wanted to go downstairs to return it!!
    Fries was all soggy, I mean VERY SOGGY!! and they weren't curly at all!! I paid $3.50 for what describe on the menu as 'CURLY FRIES'. These guys didn't know how to cook, they were cheap about making the oil more hot and fry it longer. Worst they cover the fries with foil, they should have known not to do that!!

    Bottomline is, burger sucks. Fries was inedible! This is such a scam!!

  4. I just ate from this van on 168 & broadway a cross from Presbyterian Hospital.I so agree with the last writer. I waited for 45 minutes and the food was not healthy; Fries was soggy with some type of oil base and burger was very dry..I couldn't believe that people was waiting this long for this burger. I said man let me try this burger but I wish I would have kept walking. Good luck for those who continue after one time eating this unhealthy stuff.

  5. i just had the veggie burger and agree with the last two writers. for the $9 that wsb charges, i could get the exact same thing from the local deli, and it would've tasted better and would've been cheaper for $6. literally, same exact veggie patty and curly fries. and regarding that potato bun they claim to use by their local bakery, either they were out or it's a scam b/c it was definitely a wonder bread hamburger bun. i even saw the bags. just keep on walking when you see this truck. i should've known better since they never seem to really have a line whenever i see it in front of my office building.